like a fine whiskey

27 Jun

Happy Birthday to the boyfriend!  you did it.  you turned 30 without a hitch.  and just like a good whiskey…you’re 30.

we spent the day at the lake with family and friends and a couple of boats.

after dinner there was some karaoke.

be glad you cannot hear this picture.

then came a series of photos that looked like this:

photobombing at its finest.

i’m glad we were able to have so many of our friends and family come together.  thank you to everyone who came out – i’m pretty sure the boyfriend had a blast.  thank you weathermen for the most perfect day to be out on the water.  and the lovely sunburn i received.

who needs a shirt when you have sunburnt straps to wear?

sidenote: 3 year plan.  i want a pontoon boat.  but really.  lets get it in 1.5 years.  just saying.  no pressure. 

Here’s to your next 30 years! And more fun weekends like this past.

Speaking of – what’s planned for the 4th?

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