you’ve been warned

24 Jun

i did it!  i made myself get up and go for a run this morning.  i feel so much more accomplished starting my day this way instead of dreading the run all day at work and losing motivation by the time i make it home.  now i only need to keep this up for more than 2 consecutive days.

it was a terribly slow 2 miles.  but i’m not sweating it.  i have 4 (actually i have 6 including my 2 “just in case” weeks) before i begin training for my half.  this gives me plenty of time to work back up to a 5k and a decent pace before piling on the miles.

***Warning*** this is gross

this is nothing new to runners.  this topic has been talked about at length in running magazines, websites, and blogs.  morning runners MUST face this issue more so than afternoon runners.

what am i talking about?  uhm…the turkey trots.

a cute name designated by the boyfriend and i after the thanksgiving day turkey trot 6 miler – which i deemed turkey trot sounding a lot like a bowel movement.  a turkey trot is actually that cramp accompanied by some gas you get mid run when you realize that you really need to make a bowel movement and soon.

afternoon runners or late morning runners have the morning to…uhm…process their run.  they can grab a snack, a cup of coffee, read a magazine on the loo, and then they’re feeling nice and light for a run around the neighborhood.

i’m facing a dilemma.  i wake up, actually i roll out of bed without a minute to spare, throw on some running clothes, tie my shoes, sometimes i manage to choke down toast or peanuts, set my ipod and leave!  if i want to get a specific mileage in, i have to leave right away in order to have time to shower for work.

you might just tell me to suck it up and wake up 30 minutes earlier.  i say NO.  i can barely wake up at 5:45.

anyways, i’m on a schedule.  i don’t typically need to…go…until i’m at work.  usually about 9 or 9:15 is when i leave my desk for such.  unless, of course, the mornings i run.  then my internal clock tends to fast forward.

i was a mile from the house this morning when the turkey trots set in.  i had some cramps.  i was in a residential area and had to check my surroundings often.  i’m very sorry if i offended anyone during my run.

actually, i’m kind of sorry if i’ve offended anyone who’s reading.

i made it home.

opie had the turkey trots on the floor.  oops!

he was still asleep when i left for my run and thought he would wait until i got back.  wrong.

you’re a trooper if you’ve made it this far in my story.  congratulations.

i’ve booked the boat for tomorrow!  i’m so ready to swim and cruise around the lake.

i’m also excited to celebrate the boyfriend’s big three-o!  hopefully i’ll have a fun recap on sunday to share.

until then – have a great weekend!

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