thirtieth year

24 Jun

i know you hate turning (thirty).

i know you think it’s a huge milestone and that no longer being in your twenties is something to fret about.

i can say this because i’m still in my twenties. and for the next 4.5 years i won’t let you forget that either.

i know you worry about those “very-blond hairs.”

i know i tease you about your knee braces you wear while running.

i know i proudly shriek “this is your song!” every time tim mcgraw’s “my next thirty years” comes on the radio.

but did you know this past 12 months have actually been your thirtieth year? you’re embarking on your thirty first.

you probably know this, but i would like to point it out anyways, that in your thirtieth year, you met me.

in your thirtieth year we went from complete strangers to being the best of friends.

in your thirtieth year i’ve been with you through a rainy thanksgiving 6 miler. i’ve jogged merrily behind you in a hardin memorial 5k. i cheered you on through a tough 10 miler. you actually met me the day after my half.

in your thirtieth year we took a trip to west palm beach. we sat on the shore and burned our bones. we scored free tickets to a marlins baseball game and got “same breath” close to some tampa bay rays players.

in your thirtieth year we ate at rings ‘n wings more times than i wish to remember.

in your thirtieth year you asked me out on top of iroquois park. and i said yes. and opie was there and thought it was a good idea too.

in your thirtieth year you told me you loved me when you were drunk. i remembered though. i told you i loved you some time afterward and it didn’t matter who said what when. we both knew.

i know you hate turning (thirty).

i just hope you know that i’ve really enjoyed your thirtieth year.

i can’t wait to get started on your thirty-first year.

you already know this

but i love you.


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