chop chop

23 Jun

in an effort not to spend $40 on bangs, i cut them myself.

oh yes i did.

i happened to mention at work yesterday that i wanted bangs.  straight across bangs; not swoopy ones.  and because i need instant gratification and didn’t want to shell out money i took matters into my own hands…and scissors.   i’m undecided.  i mean i think they look fine, but it kind of looks like one of those wigs cut into a bob.  i think i will like it better after i train my bangs to stay in the middle and not try and slant to one side.

and perhaps if i spent more than 10 minutes getting ready for work.

right now i’m tying up loose ends for the boyfriend’s birthday party.  i guess that sounds pretty juvenile.  “birthday party.”  but we’ve planned a lake party on a couple boats, and after last night’s storm i was somewhat nervous about the weather this weekend.  for now, the weather man is saying 82 degrees and sunny, with a 20% chance of scattered thunderstorms.  i’ll take those odds.

however, MUST make it through the next two work days.  and i’m dragggggging.  i absolutely cannot get motivated to get up in the morning – which has hurt my running game.  i’ve been running in the evening and i just don’t like it as well.  morning running is much more peaceful.  plus, for the first mile i’m still waking up and am on autopilot – which tends to lead to more mileage.  in the evening i’m all too aware of everything that must be done once i go inside.

i want to like getting up early again!  hellllp!

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