hooch pooch and booze hound

21 Jun

i met my college bff the second week of my freshman year at berea.  i had moved in to my dorm room and in the beginning i was roomied up with…a social outcast.  i felt awkward around her, i wasn’t sure if she showered.  she borrowed my cell phone at night to cry to her parents.  she left 2 days before classes even started.

so i had a room to myself.  sweet.  it was a huge room too – with a tree painted floor to ceiling in the corner.

my bubble was burst when the ra mentioned that a girl on the 4th floor was rooming alone, and they don’t like freshman to have rooms to themselves.  bummer.

that was the best disappointing news, ever, though.  the 4th floor girl moved in.  she had a lot of books.  she was fairly quiet, and i wasn’t.

we roomed together for 2 years, but it wasn’t until our junior year, when we parted roommate ways, that we became thick as thieves.

oh check out that dorm room…

junior year we just sort of started understanding each other and vibed off the other.  we had separate groups of friends that we often ditched to have our own time hanging out with each other.  we could make a joke out of anything.  she taught me sign language, and i created my own signs.  we came up with our own way of communicating which involved real and made up signs along with looks – we could carry on a whole conversation without having to actually speak…it tended to drive whoever our boyfriends were at the time crazy.

my favorite memories include vodka/rum runs to richmond (berea is dry), hanging out and very unsuccessfully making mixed drinks, playing mad libs, and heading to a dance/party held somewhere near or on campus.

i have so many stories of our shenanigans.  senior dinner – the “cocktail party” that was held at the presidents house was a bit drab for our tastes.  we went back to the dorm room and decided to have a drink or two before pictures were to be taken in front of the church.  we talked about graduation and our future plans at length and before we knew it – we missed the picture and were late to dinner.  we did what we could to walk in late to an entirely seated senior class listening to the president speak.  we giggled a lot.  the bff spilled water on someone.  we took it upon ourselves to leave.  before food was even served.  i had the bf at the time drive us to taco bell – where we had the best senior dinner ever.

by far my favorite memory was the graduation party we threw.  people i didn’t even know or had ever met showed up.  we had made two huge jugs of “hooch” there was a bathtub full of beer, guests were greeted with jello shots.  the bff got poison ivy on her face…the week of graduation.  there was a disney “princess party” theme.

we’ve grown up in the short years since.  we both have pretty good jobs.  we’ve both been through several unsuccessful relationships.  we’ve had our own falling out and reconciliations.  we’re too good of friends to let hurt feelings and disagreements put an end to a seven year friendship.

we got to catch up on those memories this past sunday and made plans to go to homecoming this year.

hope to see you again in november hooch pooch! if not sooner!

oh, and because inside jokes are clearly well received by outside parties…

big bird poop.

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