baseball, weights, and funny guys

20 Jun

sorry for such a long delay in posts.  i was thoroughly enjoying my weekend and decided to do a couple re-cap posts to catch you up to speed.

i left work early on friday to hustle home, grab the boyfriend, and drive to lexington.  as i mentioned, my alma mater was in the state high school baseball tournament and had made it to the semi finals.  they were playing st. x friday night – which is a super competitive school.

the boys scored 3 runs in the first and second innings for 6-0 lead.  st x answered back and cut central hardin’s lead to 2.

then the clouds came through.  they announced at 8pm that severe weather was headed our way.  the game would be delayed 30 minutes AFTER the final lightening spotting.  we sat patiently for 30 minutes wondering what we should do.  the boyfriend had to work in the morning, and we could see the storm in the distance.  it would easily be another hour wait before the game started.  we decided it was best to pack up and head home.  i would have to check the score via the phone.

looming clouds in the distance…

i’m happy to report, though, the final score was 8-6.  central hardin went on to play in the championship game saturday evening against mercer county.  it was a complete blow out topped off with a grand slam.  central hardin won 22-2.  even though i hate to see blow outs in high school and collegiate sports, i’m so proud of the bruins!  go team!

photo courtesy of

i started my very rainy stormy saturday morning at the gym.  yes.  i did.  if i hadn’t made a work out date with the boyfriend’s sister-in-law, i probably would have slept through the storms.  i met the SIL at the gym, a few minutes later than what i had told her, but in time for the 8:30 power class none the less.

we lifted.  we pushed.  we squatted.  we calf raised.  it was an excellent class.  except.  it had been awhile since either of us had lifted.  i can barely walk 2 days later.  the calf raises were burning as i did them and i thought i was getting a great work out.  i shuffled to the bathroom sunday morning and gingerly had to lower myself.  i nixed the rainy run this morning since walking is still a task.  i think i’m going to try very flat surface running tonight and maybe the treadmill.  i know the hills will kill my calves even more and i don’t want any achilles issues.  wish me luck on that one…

and if a certain SIL wants to plan another power class, assuming we’re not still sore, i’d really like the pressure knowing someone is counting on me to show up.  anyone else who’s interested in attending i can get a guest pass!  just let me know.

so in an effort to take it easy saturday night we cleaned up a bit

poured a skinny girl margarita…(eh…a shot of good quality tequila, FRESH lime juice, a splash of triple sec, and a dash of sea salt are all you really need.  it may add a few more calories, but the real thing is always worth it if you’re splurging)

and headed to….

the backdoor.  a great neighborhood bar which has all the regulars painted on the wall.  i love how i’ve been to this bar several times since moving to louisville and i can recognize many faces on the mural – they’re usually at the bar at the same time too!

since we were in the neighborhood we decided to go to the comedy caravan.

the show didn’t start until 10:15.  the acts were pretty good, but my tired eyes were over taking my will to stay out and party.  we headed home around midnight where i promptly fell asleep in my un-made bed.  the horror.

i’m hoping to finish up a post tonight about my sunday and one of my very most favorite people coming to town!

*hint: it wasn’t santa.

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