red sky at night; sailors delight

16 Jun

update – my grandma is doing great.  from what i understand everything went as smoothly as it could have possibly gone.  we’ll know more about the results in a few days.

in small town news my high school alma mater is in the quarter finals friday night in baseball!  go bruins!

last night was fairly low key.  i was supposed to head to the gym, but due to my grandma being in the hospital i didn’t pack a gym bag thinking i would be heading there after work instead.  she was sleeping so i went home and relaxed with opie dog.

it had stormed all day at work, and round two was scheduled to start around 6pm.  the storms held off at the house, but when i took opie dog out to potty the sky sure did look crazy!  i stepped outside and everything had a hazy orange tint.

we’re in the home stretch now to the weekend!  the boyfriend and i are making plans to watch my alma mater play friday night in lexington.  if you’re in the area or have a free night help me cheer on the bruins to another victory!  hopefully i’ll have a positive update on the game come saturday morning.


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