are you sure it’s not monday?

15 Jun

i woke up this morning to a dog who was so nervous about the impending storms, he walked in a circle…as he pooped.

after catching up on the today show news, i hopped out of bed to get dressed and almost face-planted in the floor.  the same scared dog was, unbeknown to me, laying in the floor on my side of the bed, and in order to not squish the baby i had to propel myself forward.

i had an outfit picked out for the day.  i even lazily ironed the skirt.

1. i don’t iron.

2. i don’t own an ironing board

3. i ironed the skirt as i held it up against the bathroom wall

4. i put the iron setting on silk

5. i don’t think it removed any wrinkles

6. it was the effort that counts

7. it didn’t matter.  when i went to look for the shirt i wanted to wear with it i couldn’t find it.  i searched the depths of my closet.  i yanked at something that was laying in the corner.  it was my cat – who also is not a fan of the storms.  or being yanked, apparently.

it didn’t actually start raining until i was ready to walk out the door.

i own at least 6 umbrellas that i can think of.  all of them have at least 2 broken spokes.

i would really like to crawl back in bed.  it was so warm and the boyfriend was actually cuddling this morning.  which i found very sweet.  until i learned i was being a cover hog and he was simply trying to stay warm.

right now it is dark as night outside because of the storms.  our building has a history of losing power – sometimes when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  i’m not saying that i hope the power goes out and it’s so dark in here that nobody can work.  no, don’t quote me saying that.  good thing you can’t read my mind.

i hope if you’re reading this your day is going a little smoother.  and if it is, i hope you don’t mind me asking a favor.  please keep my grandma in your thoughts as she is going in for a lung biopsy this morning.  i appreciate it.


2 Responses to “are you sure it’s not monday?”

  1. Bonnie June 15, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    Rachel, I’m loving your blog, you’re an excellent writer – keep it coming!! And, I’m praying for Granny today. Hope your day gets better! My beagle is whining this morning, too – she’s terrified of storms.

  2. runworkeatrepeat June 15, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    thank you Bonnie!
    i don’t know if Lisa has updated anyone, but granny did fine. they were able to do 2 microscopic incisions and if her lung heals quickly she will be able to come home tomorrow instead of the predicted Friday/Saturday.

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