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14 Jun

we did it louisville.  we’re in the top 5 worst places for spring allergies.  the ohio valley is a lovely place.  i know south of louisville gets just as hot if not hotter weather, but combine the humid stagnant air with the dust and pollen that settles in this valley and you simply cannot breathe.  glad i decided to start back with a regular training program.

it’s because of the high pollen count  i’ve been sneezing, sniffling, dripping, and headachy for the past couple of weeks.  it’s pretty gross to kiss your boyfriend when both of your noses are running.  yikes.

while the coffee was in the press i dug out this:

oh yeah!  don’t be afraid if you’ve never used a neti pot.  if you do not know what a neti pot is, let me explain.  it’s basically an irrigation device for your sinuses.  sounds sexy already, right?  you can buy a plastic pot like mine at any drug store for about $15.  mine came with individually wrapped salt packets which takes the guess work out of measuring the correct amount of salt.  DO NOT use table salt. or sea salt.  or fleur de sel. or bacon salt.

empty your packet of “sinus rinse” salt into your pot and fill to the line with warm to the touch water.  cold and hot water don’t feel the best rushing through your sinuses.

now.  insert the tip of your neti pot into one of your nostrils.  oh yeah.  it’s sexy time.  tilt your head and lift the neti pot in order to pour the mixture into your nose.  lean over a sink.

you will have to experiment, but for me, tilting my head 45 degrees and leaning slightly forward gets the water moving.  don’t freak out.  the water will flow in one nostril and out the other.  if you’re getting a lot of backwash try leaning your head forward a bit more.  the backwash is a lot like getting smacked in the face with a wave in the ocean.  stop pouring and blow your nose.  switch nostrils and repeat.

do not try and take a picture of yourself performing this task.  1. nobody probably wants to see this. and 2. it’s dang near impossible to do by yourself.

you can read up on neti pots, but they are completely safe and have been used for years.  i’ve never experienced any drying effects like you can get with a saline spray.  advocates of the neti pot recommend performing the saline wash at least once a day if not twice.  it’s purpose is to rinse the sinuses of the pollen as well as seasonal cold and flu viruses.

i tend to only use mine when allergies are at their worst, but can attest to the fact that it does work for me and keeps me from having to buy claritin on a bi weekly basis.  which you must sign your life away for since apparently you can make meth from it.

and if you DO try and take a picture of yourself using a neti pot you will be running 10 minutes late to work.

dun dun dun….but because you multitasked you were able to clean your sinuses AND have coffee this morning.  life is grand.

hopefully i’ll be able to post tonight my pre-half training plan.  and any louisville runners or bikers who would be interested in a saturday morning run/bike/gym time let me know

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