pre-half mary training

14 Jun

i’ve been running at some level of fitness for 5 years. by all means i am a very seasoned amateur runner.

i’ve taken month long (close to 7 months once) breaks in the past but have always came right back to what i know and love – pounding the pavement.

it’s been since early march when i gave up trying to reach my goal of 26 miles. it’s very frustrating to be starting back with low mileage when at one point i was waking up and completing 12-14 mile runs on the weekend.

on the flip side – i’ve done it before and i’ll do it again. right now 30 minutes of running is tough. i’m pushing through it knowing it’s only a matter of a week back at the grindstone before the 5 milers will be greatly welcomed.

i love running through my neck of the woods. it’s peaceful. there’s baby goats, cows, and lots of horses to be seen. although, in the summer months those cows stink.

unfortunately, in order to see those sites i must be up for a 5-6 mile, or greater, run. in time. and there’s no need to rush things either. i have a pre-half marathon training plan to ease back into things. after the completion of the next 6 weeks i’ll begin the half training to increase weekly mileage.

below is the next 6 weeks (you can arrow over to july) of my plan. it’s basically a 2 week repeat before bumping up the mileage slightly for the next 2 weeks.

right now my goal is to just get back into the swing of things. no pressure to run exactly 5 miles. no pressure to get my 5k down to a specific time.

hopefully this plan will bump up my level of fitness so i can add a time goal to my half plan.

happy trails my friends!

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