the time has come

13 Jun

monday came too soon.

if you were me you couldn’t sleep last night.  perhaps you got too involved in watching game 6 of the nba finals.  perhaps it was the realization that the weekend was ending and you wanted to savor just a few minutes more.  perhaps it was the ice cream you don’t typically eat that made for a sour stomach.

if you were me you managed to get a few hours of rest before the strumming banjo on your alarm sounded.  you probably loathe that sound, but out of fear that your body won’t recognize any other alarm in the morning, you keep it.

if you were me it was a typical day at work that was fueled with a diet orange soda, a diet coke, and a chocolate truffle flavored coffee.  and a b-12 vitamin.  you sure do love artificial sweetener.

the sluggishness you’ve been feeling, the crap you’ve been eating, which, if you were me, is probably due to the comfortableness that sets in when you are in a long term relationship, and not being able to sleep last night are all stemming from your lack of running.

the boyfriend and i are active people, but i’m someone who enjoys a regularly scheduled run.  there’s a quote from modern family when phil relates claire to a border collie saying that she has to run every day or she goes crazy.  yeah.  that’s me.  maybe you, too.

i was on track to run a marathon (!!!) in april.  i had built up to 16 miles – i was knocking down those miles like bricks!  until i got sick.  i got real sick with ear infections, eardrum popping, overall ickiness.  then weddings consumed me.  i loved the celebrations that were leading up to the big day and the schedule i had laid out before me became too much.  i was overwhelmed.  i started my day telling myself i could back down the mileage – just complete SOME miles.  but i had already mentally written off the marathon.  and thus i had defeated those hopes without giving any further effort.

that was in march.  it’s mid june.

it’s time my friends.  not for a marathon, i don’t want to commit myself too soon, but a half sounds good.  this would be my second half marathon (does anyone else type marathonG??? i can’t help it)

what i like about this course – downtown is FLAT.  real flat.  my other half was in nashville.  nashville is curse-word hilly.  i would really like to see how my times differ a. with experience and knowing what to expect and b. a flat race.

event information can be found here.

i hope that putting this commitment out in the open like this will hold me more accountable.  i only wish i could do like Sarah and post my laundry list of chores on the blog to inspire myself to clean out the office.  baby steps.

so if you were me, you probably started off this commitment with a sweaty bang.


after.  2 slow miles.  fin!  i’ve came back from a running hiatus before and went on to run a half, i can do it again.

so if you were me, you thought it was a good idea to cook dinner.

preheat oven to 400.

peel sweet potato and slice into chips.  i like using a mandoline because sweet potatoes are so tough to chop.

spray cookie sheet with oil

make sure there is dog food scattered below your feet.

sprinkle sweet potato with sea salt, smoked paprika, and cayenne.

if you were me you would now hop in the shower while these babies cooked because you need to multitask if you’re going to catch the bachelorette.  if you were me you should probably shave your legs.  don’t worry, the potatoes won’t burn too badly.

rinse and drain about half a can of black beans.  sprinkle with sea salt and cayenne if you’re feeling frisky. warm in microwave.

top sweet potatoes with warmed beans and a couple healthy dollops of greek yogurt.

you (me) need something green.

baby spinach + feta cheese + craisins + sunflower seeds + random dash of dressing which happens to be roasted red pepper.

all together

oh.  and if i were you i would run the dishwasher because you don’t have any clean forks.

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