it’s a boooont cake! pt 1

13 Jun


i did this in the morning

boyfriend was proud…nicely made bed ready for the upcoming evening.

we got cleaned up to leave the house and head over to petsmart. i love looking at the puppies.

damn water spots.

i remembered half way to puppy viewing that the greek festival was going on down by the river and we should take advantage of this gorgeous low 80’s weather.

quick photo shoot in the car accompanied with duck faces and we were walking to the belvedere.

one pit stop later…

and we were golden.

it IS a greek festival, so we needed to do our part to experience the culture. my favorite way to enjoy any culture is through food and drink. and drink we did. mythos was a pretty light lager with a salty? finish. i’m not a beer connoisseur by any means, but i could definitely see how this beer would complement feta and olive accented foods.

Check back later to see the rest of the festival…

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