it’s a boooont cake! pt 2

13 Jun

the band started warming up right when we sat down.

the cutest dancers accompanied the players

i could honestly listen to the guitar the lead guy was playing all day.  i had to wikapedia it to find out what it was called, and a bouzouki is what gives greek music it’s…twang.  i might have convinced the boyfriend that for our first international travel we need to head to mykonos and santorini.

and then this happened…

this was not a small man.  things got a lot crazier…

i was concerned, worried for the small children…

i was out of singles…

after about an hour of entertainment we decided to enjoy the beautiful day down on the waterfront.

that’s me helping clark discover the west.

beautiful day to be outside.  wish we had the bikes.

the boyfriend is a huge louisville cardinals fan…

if you ask me the “l” stands for loser.  go cats!

yeah, i said it :)

and because all good things must come to an end, at least end them on a good note…

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