hot country nights

12 Jun

came home friday to a much needed weekend!

the boyfriend stopped and picked up our new favorite to mix with some diet root beer to take with us down to 4th street live for some hot country nights.

the crowd was energetic, there was a nice breeze blowing through the street, and the show was free!  what more could you ask for?

handsome date?  check.

the first act was the johndear girls who looked nothing like i expected them to.  i had heard their hit “i’m a wildflower” on the radio and just expected…well not two girls who looked more rockabilly than anything.

their set was pretty good – doing a selection of 80’s songs before they went off stage.  i particularly enjoyed the michael jackson songs they played.

the next act was sunny sweeney, unfortunately it took almost forty minutes for her band to get set.  not wanting to pay a cover to go in any of the bars, we were relegated to standing outside and waiting.  some interesting conversation and one beer later, she was on stage and ready to go.

i enjoyed her set a lot more – her songs were definitely ones i will be downloading to listen to in the car.

i was looking forward to seeing jerrod nieman, but the boyfriend had work in the morning – so at 10:30 we called it a night and headed home to take opie out for his final walk.

because this weekend was, thankfully, without plans we got to enjoy some time spent doing this

and some yummy pizza with family here…

the bear is adopted…

i have a fun post tomorrow of our trip to the Louisville Greek Festival and downtown on the river.

how can tomorrow be monday already???

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