today on the rachel show

9 Jun

i was out like a light last night!  i turned off the tv around 8:30, decided to take a long shower, and then proceeded to crawl into bed…where i spent the next hour playing on twitter and facebook.  isn’t social media grand?

i could have easily fallen asleep at 9:30 but i waited impatiently for the boyfriend to be done with work (he works at home, but is delegated to one room while on the clock) and at 10 pm he sadly saw me half passed out in bed.  i usually try to stay up for an hour or so after the boyfriend is done with work to be able to enjoy some “us” time since we have somewhat opposite schedules.  he tries to do the same in the mornings when we both watch the today show as i get ready.

i watched yesterday as meredith said her good-byes on the today show, but i was holding back the tears as they welcomed ann curry this morning.  she seems like so much fun and is such a passionate journalist – the highlights of her and her parents were so sweet.

watching meredith’s and ann’s journey in journalism, made my own life and life in pictures seem far less…cool.

“good morning, and this is today”…at the office





















yes. little mermaid cups are important in an accountants productivity.



























probably not as important as the diet coke, though.  the boyfriend and i are addicts.  i’m embarrassed to reveal how many cans are consumed at the homestead in a week.










today on the today show at the office, we have a tiny buddha butt.  notice the “junior cb”?  that stands for junior cost bitch.











oh yeah…i DO handle assets.











and sometimes this happens.  veggie burritos from a food bus.  it helps with the reconciling.


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