9 Jun

it’s so hot outside. my car’s outside temperature reading says “hlysht”

walking from the parking lot to the front door of the office this morning i actually had small sweat circles under my arms. and a tad bit of boob sweat rocking.

i’m not sure if it’s cause for concern, please, someone let me know if it is, but when i turn the air on in the car i can actually SEE something blowing out of the vents. #ifeellikelinkafromcaptainplanet

opie dog loves to walk.

well he loves to waddle and sniff. the poor baby has protested the heat.

the cat always wants to be out on the balcony.

she’s an unpaid neighborhood watch cat. a vigilante of sorts. unfortunately, and it’s been said by the boyfriend which caused me to snortle, we are not paying to cool the whole neighborhood by keeping the balcony door open. wait, that’s not the unfortunate part.

unfortunately the cat must choose whether or not she wants to be inside or out in order to preserve our precious invisible cold gold – when her real preference is to sit in the open doorway.

i’ve thrown all caution to the wind…or stagnant heat in this case, and have decided bras are not necessary in temperatures above 85. at work, maybe, but not when you get home. just throw on an oversized t shirt and no one will have a clue. or institute naked friday’s.

i’ve been reading about meghann’s horrible experience of living in the florida heat and having the ac crap out on her. dear air conditioner, i will offer up baby lambs in sacrifice in order to never have to experience this horror.

and by baby lambs i really mean the boyfriend’s buffalo bills football “decorations.”

i hope everyone is staying cool and taking the proper precautions when working/exercising out doors. remember our fur friends as well who brave the heat with a coat on! keep lots of fresh water available. also, pupsicles are a nice way to say “thank you for not pooping on the carpet this morning.”

recipe found here

try really hard not to eat the whole bowl.  it’s pretty good.

mix/blend all ingredients and pour into paper cups, ice cube trays, or silicone muffin trays.

i omitted the baby food since i didn’t have any on hand and i only used 2 cups of yogurt instead of 4

opie didn’t mind a lick.

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