it’s easy to forgive on a home cooked meal

8 Jun

something don’t come from nothing.

a lunch date over a diet coke is supposed to be innocent.  don’t take a vegetarian to mcdonalds for a diet coke on her lunch break on the day she didn’t pack a breakfast and then decide mid wait in line you are  going to order a chicken sandwich.  how were you supposed to know my stomach was rumbling louder than a thunderstorm?  you’re a man.  i’m a woman.  i expect you to be all knowing.  constantly.

ok, so maybe it’s not fair to blame you for not knowing i was ravishingly dying of hunger.  hunger makes me angry.  hangry.  blood sugar drops and i cannot be held accountable for moodiness.

but again, something doesn’t come from nothing.  if it hadn’t been for my lunch time blues you wouldn’t have went home and cooked dinner for me for the first time ever.  i’m pretty sure you’ve never even really cooked something that could be labeled a “meal” let alone a VEGAN meal.

i really want to apologize for being overly upset about lunch (it was the blood sugar talking, not me), but… dinner was SO good.  i might make you feel guilty a couple times a week if it means a home cooked meal the second i come home from work.  or you can just agree to cook dinner on tuesday nights and we can side step the guilt trip.

what does a chicken nugget loving boyfriend make for his vegetarian girlfriend for his first home cooked meal?










scrambled tofu with peppers, onion, and salsa!  the boyfriend wasn’t sure how to drain tofu, or really how to slice it (dear boyfriend, you might want to read the link…or anyone who’s never cooked tofu but is interested in doing so), but it didn’t matter.  instead of browned tofu chunks he made a scramble, intentional or not, it was delicious!









all rolled into a tortilla with a side of sweet potato fries and a healthy glob of ketchup.

this probably isn’t the boyfriend’s idea of a yummy dinner, but he ate it, and i think he liked it.

i’m very thankful to have such a thoughtful boyfriend.  one who went straight from our lunch date to the grocery store to buy dinner ingredients.

one who may or may not have known i have most ingredients for this sort of meal in the fridge and in the pantry.  but that’s ok,  one can never have too many bottles of olive oil.  or gigantic containers of garlic powder.





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