an introduction. a few months too late

7 Jun

because if you’re going to follow my story…

you should know the players.

twitter me @runrunrachel oh hi.  i’m rachel.  obviously too cool for regular sized sunglasses and unable to tan my collar bone.

i grew up, went to college, and continue to live in kentucky.  it’s been the best 25 years of my life.

i work as an accountant, but not the taxes sort.  i actually handle plant, property, and equipment as well as cost accounting duties.  i help oversee daily production and ensure that what is happening on the shop floor is being reflected in “the books.”

outside of an obviously dangerously exciting career, i spend my time dabbling in many hobbies.  i became a “runner” in college and have maintained some level of running ever since.  i own a sewing machine.  i’m not sure how to sew a proper hem.  i own a gigantic collection of knitting needles, and can proudly knit a baby sweater, socks, scarves, hats, and mittens.  unfortunately i have the attention span of a gnat.  i love to cook and i love kitchen accessories.  unfortunately i tend to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner.

i’m never one to turn down a good time.  i like my music a little twangy and my basketball and whiskey from kentucky.  throw in a hot, humid, summer afternoon on the lake with some good friends, and there’s nothing i could dream of being better.

meet the boyfriend.  we’re like peas and carrots.  we’ve been dating since late september of 2010.  if you’ve read previous posts, then you know we moved in together in february.  he likes things neat and organized.  i like things comfortably messy.

the boyfriend enjoys running, but is far more competitive than i am.  i remember a 7 mile training run we decided to do together.  i swore off any more.  he was about a quarter mile in front of me and i was the one who had the route mapped in my head.  i blame my short legs.

we’ve recently started cycling together – not in the female roommate sort – but rather biking together.  look for lots more updates on us pimping out our electra townies.

outside of being the coolest kid on two legs, the boyfriend loves his sports.  he listens to xm sports talk radio in the car, he watches sports on tv, he watches sports on his phone and ipad, he reads sports magazines, he follows anything sportly on twitter – there really is no end to this list.  i’m not talking about a huge football or basketball fan.  i’m talking a huge sports fan.  i had the pleasure of watching the us open, indy 500, and stanley cup playoffs.  not because he follows any of the above routinely, but, you know.  it’s a sport.  and it’s on tv. love him.

opie is my rescue beagle.  he’s quite possibly one of the sweetest dogs around, and i’m definitely bias.  i rescued this pup when he was 1 years old from the kentuckiana humane society.  i call him my discount puppy because of the special they were running.  normally adoptions run $100+ , but this little guy was pocketbook friendly at $35.  of course, i then proceeded to spend half a paycheck on everything a dog needs and might want.  and let’s not bother to mention the time he ate a hole in the carpet.  then the couch.  and then tear up part of the carpet in the spare bedroom.  i hate mentioning that.  it was his rebellious years. he knew i hated the carpet anyways.

yes, the house is one labrador named shadow short of a homeward bound tale.  this is olivia.  yes i like “o” names.  my last name, as well as the boyfriend’s last name, begins with o. we’re not irish.  olivia is a rescue kitty.  she was adopted fall of 2008 shortly after moving in.  i call her my crack baby since the shelter she came from is on the wrong side of town.  she loves pretending to nurse me and it freaks me out on a daily basis.  i’m not joking – this cat knows anatomy very well.

and there you have it.  a brief summary of my most favorite people.  i’m probably a bit biased.

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