It’s been two weeks and I’m still finding sand…

6 Jun

I’ve been back from vacation for exactly thirteen days. How unlucky.

I came back to work with a pile of invoices, questions on projects, month end schedules, quarter end schedules, and a memorial day that had to half be spent in the office in order to not be behind for the week. How unlucky.

I somehow overlooked May’s car payment. How unlucky.

Despite loads of 100spf sunscreen my arms are peeling. Like sheets of skin are sloughing off. Unlucky, indeed.


I got to spend seven whole days with the one person I love most. Totally worth it.


I got to catch a free Marlins’ baseball game. Directly behind home plate. With beer and sunshine. And Johnny Damon and Evan Longoria.



For 7 days my only worry was whether or not 100 SPF was enough for my melatonin challenged boyfriend. Totally worth it.

I blinked and it was all over. But totally worth it.


For the past thirteen days I managed to survive month end and quarter end. With a little help of some sunshine and boat time on the lake. And a rum and coke. And a few beers.

In the past 4 days the boyfriend bought a very rocking bicycle that’s the male equivalent to my rocking bike. Our first bike trip?

A biker bar. Naturally.

Luckily I have found someone I can enjoy a weekend full of errands, biking, and beer with just as much as I enjoy a week of sun and sand.

Here’s to many routine weekends that always feel special and that make the unlucky times feel like some of my favorite memories.


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