Learning to Live with a Boy

10 Mar

i’ve lived by myself for 2 years now.

i don’t mind that my underwear lives in a laundry basket.  i don’t mind that my DVDs are housed in a box in a closet.  i don’t mind that clean laundry will hang out in the laundry room for a day or two.  or a week.  i don’t mind the dishwasher being used as a way to hide dishes, rather than a cleaning device.

there’s been trips to target.  there’s been trips to meijers.  there’s been trips to bed bath and beyond.  there’s been a trip to ikea.  there’s been a nervous breakdown at ikea.  (seriously, that place is huge.  overwhelming.  i obviously need more pieces of furniture than my wallet can handle in one shopping trip)  there’s been storage and bookcases added.  there’s been a rearranging of my(our) bedroom. there’s been a relocation of a certain beagle to another room of the house for sleepy time.

we are two people.  living in a 1200 sq ft condo.

don’t ask me why we purchased a warehouse membership to sam’s club.  don’t ask me why we need to purchase 36 rolls of toilet paper.  don’t ask me how quickly a 1.75 liter bottle of maker’s mark lasts.  dont ask me why a 30 lb beagle needs a 50 lb bag of dog food.  don’t ask me how many cans of diet coke and bottles of bud light fit in the bottom of my(our) fridge.  don’t ask me why a vegetarian has a freezer full of chicken nuggets.  don’t ask me why, after scolding the boyfriend for buying oreos (because obviously i have no self control when it comes to oreos), i picked up a package of double stuff’d on the way home from work.  you can ask if they made it home to share.  yes.  mostly.

i can count the number of times my own mother has been inside my condo in 3 years.  3.  i can count the number of times the boyfriend’s mother has been inside my condo in 3 weeks.  4.  i can count how many basketball games have been watched prior to january 2011 in my(our) living room.  2-maybe.  i can count how many basketball games that have been watched in my(our) living room in the past 3 weeks.  15-ish.

the previous laundry do-er for the boyfriend marked his socks with the letter “b.”  the previous laundry do-er has threatened to re-arrange  my living room.  the current laundry do-er in my(our) house  does not starch shirts.  the current laundry do-er refuses to iron pillow cases.  the current laundry do-er hates putting away clean laundry.  the previous dish washer in my(our) house would rather eat on a paper towel than wash a dish.  the current dishwasher can stack and load a dishwasher with precision and style.  the previously sole occupant of the bed left the bed ready to be enjoyed for the upcoming evening.  the new accompaniment to the bed not only smooths out the sheets, but adorns the bed with all 9 pillows.

i know this is all positive change.  i know there are adjustments that need to be made.  i know many of them are my own personal adjustments.  i know i’m crabby when it’s time to do weekly cleaning.  i know the cat should probably start eating somewhere other than on the dining room table.

i don’t know how long 36 rolls of toilet paper last.  i do know i’m excited to buy many more 36 pack rolls of toilet paper with the boyfriend.


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