going all the way

17 Feb

the countdown is on.

i’m running the derby marathon on april 30th and i’ve been trying my best to stick to my training plan.  the hal higdon intermediate plan has me running 6 days a week, and with the future move-in, work, life, and my sometimes laziness – it’s been really hard to get the miles in each week.

i realize missing a 4 miler on tuesday isn’t going to keep me from finishing 26.2 miles in a couple of months.  however, missing two 4 milers and a 7 miler this week could lead to injury on my 15 mile run saturday.  i’m crossing my fingers that once the sun starts rising before 7 am, i will find the willpower to roll out of bed and pound the pavement before work.

luckily, we’re experiencing a bit of a “heat wave” that is encouraging me to take longer walks with the doggy.  we’re both excited about that.

i’ve been playing around with the t-shirt creator on customink.com in order to create a shirt to wear for my first full marathon.  i’ve ran several shorter races and one half marathon last september, but  i want something cute to commemorate the long haul – something funny, something that will make me laugh, or make others smile when they see me run by…

Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

I really want to order a tech-tee but on this website you have to order 6 or more.  the shirt above is all cotton, which i don’t think will be well suited for a long run.  maybe i can just make my own?  here i come under utilized craft room!

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